Connecting Polyvagal Theory and Brain Gym

Faculty at work workshop - An Introduction (181-FW)
Friday, October 1, 2021
1 day
Fall 2021. Dates to be confirmed.

Fall 2021. Dates to be confirmed.

This is a Faculty at Work workshop (181-FW), presented by Lisa Marcovici (with Karen MacKay). Attendance provides 2 Elective Credits for Brain Gym students and Consultants.

This introduction will be presented in English. A French presentation can be organized upon request, please contact


“Polyvagal Theory... the science of feeling safe enough to fall in love with life and take the risks of living...“

— Dr Deb Dana LCSW (


Using the lens of Polyvagal Theory, developed by Dr Stephen Porges, Dr Deb Dana has developed a useful and highly accessible structure for understanding the autonomic nervous system and how it responds to stress and trauma. The framework of this theory seems to us to be remarkably similar to the one that Brain Gym offers, simply using different terminology.

The quest for safety, the constant, reflexive need to protect, and how this inhibits connection and resilience will be discussed in terms of Polyvagal Theory and how this relates to the way we use Brain Gym as a bridge between the automatic, reactive responses generated unconsciously by the nervous system and how we can move towards conscious, deliberate neo-cortex driven choices instead.

In this short introduction, we will introduce the basic concepts of Polyvagal Theory. We will then look at the parallels between these concepts and Brain Gym’s 3 Dimensions of movement and learning as we being to intentionally tune into our own autonomic nervous system, thereby practicing safe navigation towards self-nurturing and connection to others.

Participants will be guided through a balance process combining Brain Gym activities with Polyvagal nurturing techniques.


Presented by: Lisa Marcovici, Brain Gym International Faculty Member

Online via Zoom – Link provided upon registration

Regular rate: C$25
Reduced rate for Brain Gym Canada members: C$20


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