Early Childhood Education, Daycares and Preschools

Introductory workshops (2 to 3 hours) created specifically with early childhood educators in mind. Brain Gym® is presented as a way to manage stress and improve overall well-being.

One-day workshops filled with dynamic games and activities that allow Brain Gym® to be easily implemented in a daily simple, fun-filled pedagogical program: “Hooking Up from Head to Toe” and its follow-up “ Young Movement Explorers”

“What I liked most about Hooking Up from Head to Toe were the tools that will allow the child to learn at his own rhythm and to manage his reactions to learning new skills. I myself feel more balanced and in control.”
Educator, Royaume des Enfants Daycare

Elementary Schools and High Schools

Introductory workshops (2 to 4 hours) created specifically for teachers. Brain Gym® is presented in a classroom setting addressing academic skills such as reading and writing.

“Switched On Learning” – a one-day workshop the presents the 26 Brain Gym® Movements and how to combine them to improve reading, writing, math, spelling and study skills, as well as concentration, organization, communication in general and stress management during test-taking.

“In the classroom, in order to be well-centered, we always start our half-days with a few Brain Gym® exercises. The result: happy students that are ready to learn. If you came to observe my class, you would certainly be surprised to see a student put down his pencil, get up and do a Brain Gym® movement. She might have done this in order to improve her ability to concentrate or simply to beautify her calligraphy.

Thank you Lisa, thanks to your expertise, my students with slight intellectual deficiencies are making amazing progress.”
Marie-Line Hudon, Special Needs Teacher, Joliette

“It helps me to concentrate!”
Charlize, 10 ans

Cégeps and Universities

Early Childhood Educators, teachers, no matter what the clientele, as an educator and student we must learn to identify and manage stress. The Brain Gym® activities become a powerful tool that allows us to recognize when we are ready to learn and what to do when this is not the case.

Several Cégeps and universities include Brain Gym® introductory workshops in their students’ curriculum in order for them to get to know the basic principles for their own benefit at first and then for their professional practice.

“It is with great pleasure that we invited Lisa as a presenter within our masters teaching program here at UQAM.”
Sylvie Viola, Director of the programe, ÉPEP, UQÀM

Lectures and Conferences

20 minute to 3 hour presentations as initiation to the basic principles of Brain Gym®, all while moving and having fun in order to feel relaxed and energized.

These activities have already been presented as part of the communicators forum 2011 for the City of Montreal (Rékinexion is an official supplier to the city of Montreal), as well as several conferences for various Daycare and Early Childhood Education providers.

“Brain Gym®, used to improve our ability to learn and to act is an extraordinary tool for our daycare providers and their little ones.”
Pauline Vachon, Pedagogical support councilor B.C., Le Chez-Moi des Petits

Private Sessions for adults and for children

The series of Brain Gym® activities are a learning readiness program. We use these movements to manage stress, improve concentration, support organization and memory, help with math, reading and reading comprehension as well as promoting study, writing and communication skills.

These sessions are offered to children of all ages, from early childhood to 99 years old.
Please contact us to make and appointment.

“Thank you to Lisa who accompanied me on this journey.
She is a true example of flexible teaching and she knows how to communicate this fabulous technique to everyone.”

Diane Giguère, massage therapist for 30 years and now International Kinesiology Instructor


Identifying stress and its negative impact on our cognitive skills is important for all professionals.  The Brain Gym® exercises are simple and fun to do and help us to diffuse stress and access the integrated body-brain system. This in turn gives us the ability to function at our full potential, in a relaxed manner and as efficiently as possible.

The tools presented during our interactive sessions may be offered to your clients as well as the professional team. They will improve communication at all levels.

Our workshops are recognized as continuing education by the Quebec Bar.

Special Needs Clientele

Living with the consequences of a stroke, multiple scleroses or simply the health issues related to aging, often cause anxiety and stress.  Physical activity decreases and cognitive skills diminish. Brain Gym® allows to rediscover the joy and pleasure of moving and supports an overall feeling of well-being which in turn motivates us to be physically active.

Weekly sessions present Brian Gym® exercises as well as fun games; all while working towards specific goals with respect to memory, speaking, concentration, organization, balance and communication in general.

“Please take note that Ms Lisa Marcovici is offering Brain Gym® workshops here at APAL, since September 2008.
All of the members of our society appreciate her very much, because she has great ease with this approach and she knows how to gain their trust.”

Collette Beauregard, Director of APAL