Physiological Basis of Learning (103-PBE)

Providing the science behind the learning process
Friday, November 12, 2021
4 days
November 12, 13 and 19 - 1pm to 4pm (Europe: 7pm to 10pm). November 20, 9am to 12am and 1pm to 4pm (Europe: 3pm to 6pm and 7pm to 10pm).



No Prerequisite


This workshop will be presented in French. An English or bilingual version may be scheduled upon request.


Counts as 16 hours of electives for licensure

How and why movement integrages us and releases stress ?

  • Discover the mystery behind learning in a fascinating and experiential way
  • Become familiar with the most recent and far-reaching brain research
  • Understand learning development and why learning blocks occur
  • Explore the elegant effectiveness of Brain Gym® and related movement

This unique course will actively increase each participant’s own learning and creative potential for every aspect of her or his life. It will also provide essential information for anyone who wishes to effectively assist themselves, their children and students of all ages.

This class provides the science behind the learning process and offers reasons and practical, drug-free solutions for hyperactivity, dyslexia, autism and other learning and behavioral difficulties. 

The creator of this workshop is Dr. Carla Hannaford, noted author of the best-selling books: SMART MOVES: Why Learning is not All in Your Head,  THE DOMINANCE FACTOR: How Knowing Your Dominant Ear, Eye, Brain, Hand & Foot Can Improve Your Learning, and PLAYING IN THE UNIFIED FIELD, Raising and Becoming Conscious, Creative Human Beings.  Her experiential teaching style is both highly effective and delightful.

Presented by: Lisa Marcovici, Brain Gym International Faculty Member

Regular rate: 375$
Reduce rate for BG Canada, France and Switzerland members: 340$
Repeat rate: 200$
Reduce repeat rate for BG Canada, France and Switzerland members: 180$


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