Blomberg Rhythmic Movements Training I & II

Level I & II
Thursday, March 19, 2020
4 days
Thursday to Sunday - March 19th to 22th 2020 - 9am to 6pm

Courses postponed. New dates to be confirmed

MR I : No prerequisite
MR II : Prerequisite MR I


This course will take place at Collège André Grasset :
1001 Boul Crémazie E, Montréal, QC H2M 1M3 - Salle B-302


The course will be presented in English with French translation by Lisa Marcovici

This is a valuable and effective course for occupational and physical therapists, special needs teachers and providers, parents, Brain Gym® students and instructors.

Rhythmic Movements are gentle rocking and rolling movements that stimulate the neural pathways making connections which promote ease of movement and learning.


Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training / Level I (RMT and ADD/ADHD)
March 19th & 20th, 2020

Level I teaches the most important primitive reflexes; how to integrate them with rhythmic exercises; and how rhythmic exercises can be used to regulate muscle tone and stimulate the cerebellum and the neo-cortex, especially the frontal lobes in order to improve attention and impulse control.

  • What RMT is
  • The Triune Brain and Development
      - Nerve Chassis
      - Cerebellum
      - Survival Brain/Basal Ganglia
  • Development and Primitive Reflexes
  • Identifying Developmental Imbalances
  • Active and Passive Movements for Integration
  • RMT and Primitive Reflexes
      - TLR
      - Landau
      - STNR
      - Spinal Galant
      - Amphibien
      - Babinski


Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training / Level II  (Rhythmic movements, reflexes and emotions)
March 21th & 22th, 2020

Level II teaches how to use rhythmic movement in autism, how rhythmic movement training affects our emotions, and how to work with movements to get in touch with our emotions to stabilize them when they threaten to take command.

Limbic System and RMT Course Content :

  • Emotional Development and RMT
  • Motor Function and the Limbic System
  • Muscle Tension and Repressed Feelings
  • Movements for the Spine
  • Emotional Reactions to RMT
  • Autism and RMT
  • Moro Reflex and Emotions
  • Movements for Emotional Development
  • Movement for the Limbic System
  • The Importance of Play
  • Frontal Lobes, Limbic System & RMT
  • Movements to Relax Muscle Tension an Release Feelings


Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training / Level III

This workshop will be presented in July 2020. You can subscribe here.

Presented by: Carol Ann Erickson

Carol Ann Erickson is an International Faculty member of the Educational Kinesiology Foundation. She teaches Brain Gym Introductory Workshops, the Brain Gym 101 Course, Optimal Brain Organization, Optimal Brain Organization Teacher Training and Vision Circles. Over the past twenty five years, Carol Ann has successfully used this specialized program with educators and athletes. She has organized her work into a new Educational Kinesiology Sports Specialist certification track. The first five courses in this track, Brain Gym for Movement, Dance, and Sports Performance and Movement Exploration I thru IV, provide new insight and tools to enhance movement and learning performance, comprehension, memory, and whole-body movement.


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MR I, II & III together : 1025$
MR I & II together : 725$
MR I : 375$
MR II : 375$

Repeat fee :
MR I, II & III together : 615$
MR I & II together : 435$
MR I : 225$
MR II : 225$


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