Cultivating Our Inner Nature

The Integrated Movements Playshop (MW1-180)
Saturday, March 19, 2022
3 hours
Saturday March 19th, 2022 - 1:30pm (Montreal Time), 10:30am (California Time), 11:30am (Mountain Time), 7:30pm (France Time)

Prerequisites: Brain Gym® 101 or Visioncircles
This Wordkshop is recognized for 3 hours of elective credits for licensure or re-licensure. 


This Master at Work workshop is designed for Brain Gym consultants and students of the In-depth material.


This virtual workshop presented by Gail & Paul Dennison will be in English with French oral translation via Zoom. The handout will be available in both English & French.

No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it's not the same river and he's not the same man.

Every day brings new growth and new concerns. How can we best open ourselves to connect with the vital energies available to us, transforming challenges into new opportunities?

What would it be like to bring our inner and outer worlds together in an exploration of listening, feeling, sensing, and receiving, thereby growing new ways of being?

Join Paul and Gail Dennison in this deepening of the Integrated Movements from the Edu-K in Depth, 7-Dimensions course. Discover the pleasure of fluid, circular, and wave-like motion. We'll be calling on the Five Elements and five areas of inquiry to shape our balances and use the movements to soften those qualities of our vital inner nature that may be in excess, while nurturing those we lack.


Presented by:

Gail E. Dennison

She's the co-creator, with her husband and partner, Paul, of the Brain Gym® books, manuals, and processes. She is the author of the Visioncircles, Double Doodle Play, and Movement Dynamics courses and Teacher Trainings, which she has taught worldwide. Gail brings her background in somatic modalities, along with her passion for play, visual skills, and sensory perception, to her current Edu-K teachings. Gail and Paul continue to develop new projects emphasizing the value of movement and play, not only to the learning process, but to the long-term well-being of each and every one of us.


Paul E.Dennison, Ph.D

He's an internationally known author and educator and a pioneer in the field of movement-based learning. From his early career teaching in elementary school, to coaching students at his reading centers, to creating the Edu-K and Brain Gym® programs and teaching in 25 countries worldwide, Paul has always been a champion for the learner. In today’s world, his vision continues to bring joy and aliveness to the learning process. Find out more about the Dennisons’ work at and at Heartsatplay on Facebook and Twitter.

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Reduced rate for BG Canada, France, Belgium and Switzerland members: 65$CA 


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