Vision Circles (VC-220)

Presented by Carla Hannaford
Friday, March 16, 2018
3 days
Friday March 16th, from 9:00am to 6:00pm - Saturday March 17th, from 9:00am to 9:00pm - Sunday March 18th from 9:00am to 6:00pm

Prerequisite: None

The course will be presented in English with French translation by Lisa Marcovici.


This course will take place at L’équilibre en mouvement :
1208, av. Van Horne, Outremont, Québec, H2V 1K3
Tél. (514) 794-1497

Vision circles grew out of Dr. Paul and Gail Dennison’s vast knowledge of, and commitment to, natural vision improvement through sensory development and integration. Vision circles provides a roadmap to completion of developmental skills through movement, play, art and vision awareness activities. Each of the eight structured sessions (circles) represents a key to enhanced brain-body functioning. Each circle presents opportunities to recognize and expand perceptual abilities throuh an exploration of the sensory modalities.

“Experiencing Visioncircles is a heartsong that develops our entire sensory perceptions.” K D, Virginia Beach   


  • Enhanced sensory awareness.
  • Joyful personal growth.
  • The power of playful movement.
  • More comprehensive understanding of Brain
  • Relationship between vision, brain integration and learning.

“I stopped wearing my glasses except for reading and writing. You will be amazed at the changes in both in your vision and yourself.”
B T, Retired

Improve Your Perceptual Skills :

Visual: Improve Focus, Creative Imagination, Artistic pleasure, Active Vision

Centering: Personal ease, Improve organization of thoughts, Increase creativity & self-expression.  

Auditory: Improve memory, Fine tune listening abilities, Increase ability to relax and quiet thoughts, Improve voice resonance.

Kinesthetic: Fluid movement coordination, Sense of space and direction, Improvement of fine motor skills.

“I loved the playfulness in simple, but profound learning, and the stirring of the imagination. Thanks Don for your excellent facilitation and sharing of knowledge and experience.”  M H, Public Health Nurse

This class is excellent for educators, parents, occupational therapists, anyone seeking to increase their perceptual skills or anyone with learning challenges.

Presented by: Carla Hannaford

Dr. Carla Hannaford is a biologist and educator with more than 40 years of teaching experience, including 20 years as a professor of Biology and four years as a school counselor for children with learning difficulties. Since 1988 she has been an internationally recognized educational consultant and workshop leader to 45 countries, and cited in more than 1,000 books and journals on the science behind learning, and Brain Gym®.  She was selected as a guest educator to the AHP—Soviet Project, has been recognized by Who’s Who in American Education and received many awards for her work on the planet. Check out her website at:

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