The Dominance Factor (DF-205)

Online course
Friday, September 2, 2022
4 days
This workshop is postponed. The exact dates are to be conformed.


No prerequisites (Brain Gym basics recommended)


Online via Zoom – Link provided upon registration, as well as pdf manual and handouts.


This highly experiential workshop based on a lifetime of research by Dr. Carla Hannaford; explores the link between which eye, ear, hand, foot, and hemisphere of the brain we favor and the way we think, learn, work, play and relate to others. Gain this useful tool for self-knowledge while learning how to understand and communicate with others more effectively. Used world-wide in corporations, homes, and schools for IEP’s and to enhance learning, creativity, productivity, and joy in all areas of life.




  • A synthesis of research and experiential understanding of how the Basal Dominance Pattern affects how we function.
  • Our preferences and the ways we most readily Learn and respond in relationships.
  • Awareness of the wide diversity of dominance patterns
  • Deeper understanding and effective inter-relationships in the home, school and workspace.
  • Practical application of integrative cross-lateral tools from Brain Gym®, Vision Gym, and other integrated movements to assist whole brain and sensory function.



Session 1 - 3 hours

  • Introduction to Dominance Factor
  • How do we become who we are?
  • Nature vs Nurture
  • Basal Dominance Profile (Survival)

Session II - 3 hours

  • How to interpret Dominance Profiles
  • Movement & Sensory Foundation for Learning
  • Gestalt & Logic Hemispheres
  • Foot Dominance & Significance
  • Hand Dominance & Significance (This may be continued in Session 3)

Session III - 3 hours

  • Hand Dominance (cont…) 
  • Ear Dominance & Significance
  • Eye Dominance & Significance

Session IV - 3 hours

  • Accessing Integrated, preferred State
  • VAK Balance (Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic)
  • Practice creation and interpretation of profiles (Family, relationships, Academics, Corporate)
  • Question Period & Closing


A certificate of completion will be issued for 16 credits towards Brain Gym licensing certification.


Presented by: Lisa Marcovici, Brain Gym International Faculty Member

Online via Zoom – Link provided upon registration

Regular rate: C$300
Reduced rate for Brain Gym Canada members and Canbewell members: C$275
Repeat fee: C$175

PDF manual and handouts included. There will be 1 hour of self-directed study per session to complete the 16 hour credit requirement.


To select repeat-rate, you must have already participated in this workshop. Bring your own manual.

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