Brain Gym® 101

Discovering Balance for Daily Life
Friday, May 31, 2019
4 days
Friday May 31st and Saturday June 1st + Friday June 14th and Saturday June 15th, 2019 - 9am to 4pm

This workshop will be presented in French only.

This workshop will take place at Cégep André-Laurendeau :
1111 Lapierre, LaSalle, Québec H8N 2J4

The Brain Gym® course is based on the learning readiness program of movements created by Dr. Paul Dennison.  These activities stimulate our capacity to learn.

Easy to use with individuals and groups, the 26 exercises create a readiness of mind and body by stimulating basic neurological senses (vision, hearing, touch and balance) and activating neurological pathways throughout the brain. The resulting whole brain integration awakens natural abilities and allows performance to become effortless.  Learning blocks resulting from slowed or inhibited development can be released. Participants routinely experience improvement in concentration, organization, communication, movement, fine motor and near focus.

This course is the first requirement on the path towards Brain Gym® licensure. A certificate will be issued to participants by ‘Brain Gym International’. Course fee includes the official manual as well as additional documentation with respect to reflexes and motor development related to the physical aspects of learning.

Presented by: Catherine Herrera

Regular fee: $450 +txs
Repeat fee: $250+txs

For subscription, please contact Catherine Herrera:
514 303-0533 / /


To select repeat-rate, you must have already participated in this workshop. Bring your own manual.

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